Lannamans Prep School family, as you may be aware, we suffered a devastating loss on February 14th, via a fire, to our Nursery and Kindergarten facility. Our resolve is stellar and we are vowing to rebuild. However, we need your help. Please consider a monetary donation in any sum, to help us with the rebuilding and recovery efforts.

Thanks for your anticipated assistance.

Trudy Hardy



The Academics

Subjects Offered

Art & Craft Science
Computer Science Social Studies
French Spanish
Guidance & Counselling Voice & Speech
History Language Arts
Hygiene Communication Task
Integrated studies Comprehension
Library Skills Dictation
Mathematics English/ Structure
Mental Ability Penmanship
Music Poetry
Physical Education Reading
Religious Education Spelling

Field Trips

These are an extension of classroom learning and often allow children to experience, in a hands on fashion, what they see in the textbooks.  The school requires a consent slip signed by the parent or legal guardian to authorize their child’s/ward’s participation in these events.

Any student whose behaviour is considered detrimental to the wellbeing of other students or the wellbeing of the school will be barred from participating by the principal.

Special Events

Parents will be advised of these from time to time and full support and participation is expected from all in these areas.

The Curriculum

The curriculum followed at all grade levels is set out by the Ministry of Education of Jamaica.  Children in the following Grades will sit an examination set by the Ministry:

Grade 1 Individual Learning Profile
Grade 3 Diagnostic Test
Grade 4 Literacy and Numeracy Tests
Grade 6 G.S.A.T.

Student Progress

A report card shall be prepared for each student at the end of the Christmas and Summer Terms. 

Letter Grading Scale:

A+ 90 – 100 D 40 - 49
A 80 – 89 E 30 - 39
B+ 75 – 79 F 0 – 29
B 65 – 74    
C+ 60 – 64    
C 50 – 59    

Grade Assessment

A+ - A Excellent
B+ - B Good
C+ - C Fair
D – F Poor

Parents and guardians are being advised that after assessment of each student’s performance at the end of a school year, the school reserves the right to determine that the child will not be allowed to move on to the next grade.  This is done solely on the basis that the student has not yet grasped the principles on which to build at the subsequent level.

Lannaman’s Preparatory School will invite the respective parents and guardians to participate in discussions on the matter but equally invite them to participate in the ongoing performance of their child/ward to mitigate these occurrences.