Lannamans Prep School family, as you may be aware, we suffered a devastating loss on February 14th, via a fire, to our Nursery and Kindergarten facility. Our resolve is stellar and we are vowing to rebuild. However, we need your help. Please consider a monetary donation in any sum, to help us with the rebuilding and recovery efforts.

Thanks for your anticipated assistance.

Trudy Hardy


Cub Scout

Lannaman's Cub Pak

Teachers: Ms. P. Skyers 

The Lannaman's Preparatory School Cub Pack was started over twenty years ago. It's affiliated with the Scout Association of Jamaica which is now a worldwide organization, mainly for boys. This uniformed movement is often described as a boy's game but a man's job.

At Lannaman's Preparatory, the cub pack has an enrolment of forty two boys and two leaders. Our boys take part in scouting activities such as road marches, camp fires, sports, weekend camps, church service and parade. Meetings are held on Fridays from two to three thirty in the afternoon.

The cub pack continues to provide our boys with motivational support, while creating opportunities for growth and learning. They are encouraged to believe that with hard work they can achieve their goals. They learn skills like knitting, art and craft along with games, songs, personal hygiene and general knowledge about the scout movement and their country in general.

The boys earn badges for home help, physical fitness, book reading and much more. ln doing so, they are better able to build essential skills and competencies in an environment that is safe and where they are valued and cared for.

They will therefore help to build the nation with values of respect, discipline, kindness and honesty. These will promote family values, harmony among people, self reliance and independent thinking among our youths and in the wider society. In so doing they will be fulfilling their duty to country as stated in the promise - "l promise to do my best, to love and serve God, my country and the Queen, to help people and to obey the cub scout law".