Lannamans Prep School family, as you may be aware, we suffered a devastating loss on February 14th, via a fire, to our Nursery and Kindergarten facility. Our resolve is stellar and we are vowing to rebuild. However, we need your help. Please consider a monetary donation in any sum, to help us with the rebuilding and recovery efforts.

Thanks for your anticipated assistance.

Trudy Hardy


Disciplinary Policy

Strict discipline must be maintained at all times and parents are asked for their help in this respect.  All school rules must be obeyed.  Where there are no rules there is no order and indiscipline and chaos will result.

Parents/guardians who are experiencing problems relating to their child/ward are encouraged to discuss them with the respective teacher or the principal. 

A parent or guardian who enters the compound of the Lannaman’s Preparatory School and assaults or abuses any student, teacher, or any worker in the school community, or takes the business of the school to any news media/medium before it is properly investigated and addressed at the school, will have their child/ward immediately expelled from the school.


The following actions will lead to immediate suspension:

  • Fighting, causing bodily harm to other students &/or teachers e.g. pulling of chairs from behind an individual
  • Leaving school without permission
  • Defiant and insolent behaviour to staff e.g. hissing of teeth
  • Proven theft
  • Abusive language &/or expletives
  • Threats to staff and students
  • Putting graffiti on walls
  • Vending of any item without permission

Parents should note that all disciplinary matters are supervised by a disciplinary committee including the Principal.