Lannamans Prep School family, as you may be aware, we suffered a devastating loss on February 14th, via a fire, to our Nursery and Kindergarten facility. Our resolve is stellar and we are vowing to rebuild. However, we need your help. Please consider a monetary donation in any sum, to help us with the rebuilding and recovery efforts.

Thanks for your anticipated assistance.

Trudy Hardy


Dress Code

Regular Uniform

  • Girls: Blue tunic bearing a school crest, white blouse, red tie, navy blue socks, black shoes, red ribbon, red, white or blue clips, and house button.
  • Boys: Bush Jacket styled khaki shirt bearing a school crest, khaki pants, navy blue socks, black shoes, and house button

School crests are a part of the school uniform and are sold at the schools main office.

P. E. Uniform

  • Girls: School T-shirt, skort, white shorts, white socks and white sneakers
  • Boys: School T-shirt, white shorts, white socks and white sneakers

Multicoloured socks, laces and track shoes are not allowed.  If the complete uniform is not available, the regular uniform must be worn.

Formal Occasions

  • Christmas Pageant
    • Girls: White dress, blue sash, white socks, black shoes, red ribbons and red, white or blue clips
    • Boys: White shirt, navy blue pants, navy blue socks and black shoes
  • Prize Giving
    • Boys and girls wear the regular school uniform
  • Graduation
    • Girls: A dress uniform is worn and the pattern can be obtained at the office
    • Boys: Long sleeved white shirt with bow tie, black pants

Hair Accessories

  • Girls: Red ribbons must be worn.  Hair styles should be simple.  There should be NO colour, tint, gel, artificial braiding, beads, weaving or shaving.  Hair must be well groomed.
  • Boys: Hair must be neatly cut without parts, shapes and pony-tails, no mohawk, no fade.

Jewellery Bangles, bracelets, rings and necklaces are strictly prohibited.  Only girls are allowed to wear earrings (small knobs or sleepers).  Offending items will be confiscated.