Lannamans Prep School family, as you may be aware, we suffered a devastating loss on February 14th, via a fire, to our Nursery and Kindergarten facility. Our resolve is stellar and we are vowing to rebuild. However, we need your help. Please consider a monetary donation in any sum, to help us with the rebuilding and recovery efforts.

Thanks for your anticipated assistance.

Trudy Hardy


Parent Involvement

Parent Teachers' Association

The P.T.A. is a vital part of the school community and every family should make an effort to become involved in its many valuable projects.  The Association needs everyone’s help and parents will be advised of meeting dates and special activities by way of bulletins.


Hot lunches are provided at the cafeteria each day and students are encouraged to purchase lunch there.

The cost of lunches is subject to change due to the prevailing price of food commodities.  Lunch bills can be paid in advance by the week or by the month to the respective class teachers. Students will have lunch in the classrooms and are required to speak softly and display good table manners.  Student helpers will assist in clean up each day.

Home Work

Homework is the students’ responsibility but parental guidance and support are encouraged.  Parents/guardians should provide a suitable work area and supplies at home.  Homework done by parents will not be accepted.

School Fees

All School Fees must be paid prior to the opening of each school term and the vouchers presented to the office on or before the day of registration.  Failure to comply will result in the child being sent home until the voucher is produced.

Fees are subject to change based on inflation.


The school has an Insurance Scheme which is compulsory for all students.  This is paid annually in the school fees and the child is covered as per contract

Parents/guardians are encouraged to pay the school fees to ensure their child’s/ward’s coverage under the scheme